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We want the best possible academic and personal outcomes for all our students. Our philosophy is focused on the whole child and our whole world.  

We have adopted a series of environmental standards that apply to all our operations: 

- Reducing paper usage We have significantly reduced the amount of printing we conduct to reduce waste, this includes printing double sided and 2-per-page where possible. 

- Only using recycled paper When we do print, we use 100% fully recycled paper.  

- Waste recycling We are committed to a zero landfill policy. Our aim is that every item disposed of by our business will be recycled.  

- Zero plastic We do not use plastics in our furniture or centre fit out-out, furniture and flooring. This approach is not only kinder to the environment but ensures a nicer working environment for our pupils. 

- Energy efficient lighting All our centres now use LED high efficiency lighting to significantly reduce energy usage. 

- Energy efficient computing and printing As our existing equipment reaches end-of-life, we are donating it to charities and introducing new low usage equipment such as MediaTek powered Chromebooks to replace power hungry desktop computers.  

- Solar power Several of our centres are now fully disconnected from the mains supply and operate entirely based on fully renewable solar power generation on site.  

We always welcome suggestions on how to keep greening our business - email us at email@betterstarttuition.co.uk

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