Cambridge is one of the worlds greatest centres for scientific discovery!

Our science teachers can cover all examination boards in the UK and are able to teach students from primary children interested in exploring science through to GCSE students needing help and support getting ready for examinations.

We can offer combined tuition in biology, chemistry and physics or cover an individual science based on the needs of the student. We are able to offer tutoring for single science GCSE or double or triple awards.

Our science tuition is based on fully covering the National Curriculum and learning outcomes for the subject based on table top / theoretical learning – we are unable to conduct practical experimentation but can review with students experiments they conducted in school or are planning in their school classes.

Students undertaking science tuition at GCSE level often benefit from some extra support in mathematics to support those numerical elements of the curriculum, especially in physics. We can arrange ad-hoc maths classes for our science students by arrangement at any time through the year.

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