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Celebrating 30 years of education innovation!

Our company was founded by two British educators working in America, in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, in 1994, as a research and education practice bringing together the best of American and British educational innovation. Our first UK based operations started in 1999 when we began working with several universities on developing education and research practice.  We opened our first tuition centre, or 'Learning Den', in Cambridge in 2006. Over the past two decades, we have opened and acquired a number of independent tuition companies that continue to operate under their own brands. Core to our approach is a dedicated learning system built around the National Curriculum Key Stage Learning Outcomes. All of our pupils follow a personal learning plan where they work through, step-by-step in a structured manner, the content needed for them to successfully master each stage of their learning journey. This structure is key to ensuring success for the student.

As a group, we've supported thousands of children build up their confidence and gain mastery of academics, improving their exam grades and life potential. During COVID lockdowns we moved to online only operations offering daytime and evening lessons to children nationwide to help bolster their learning and support their progress through this difficult period. 

We are now working on our Plan40, which focuses on the next ten years to our 40th Anniversary. Over the next three years, all our UK centres will come Better Start Tuition Learning Dens. We have also launched a new 'Academy for Advanced Mathematics and Science Studies' that offers online tuition to high school students through to A-level and university entrance. 

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