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Finding an online tutor is easy. Finding a good online tutor is really difficult! After thirty years working with children all over the world we have a system that we know works and a pedigree you can trust.

Why not use our handy check-list when selecting a tutor or tutoring company to see how we compare? 


At Better Start Tuition we say:

Other tutors?

Is every tutor a fully qualified teacher?

YES! Only a fully qualified classroom teacher can truly help a child realise their potential.

Does every student have a personal learning plan designed by a qualified teacher?

YES! Every child has a structured lesson plan for every session.

Is progress directly mapped to school learning outcomes?

YES! We have our own learning system that maps each child to their learning targets.

Are the lessons all one-to-one with only my child and the teacher?

YES! All our online sessions are dedicated, personalised, one-to-one lessons.
Are all lessons delivered live from the teacher with my child able to interact and ask questions?  YES! We do not use pre-recorded lessons - all sessions are live with the student and teacher both online and able to directly interact. 
Will I receive a free assessment to get started?

YES! We offer a free assessment - you can take it online any time here.

Can my child take a free taster session with the teacher without commitment?

YES! You can book a free taster session with a teacher here.

Are sessions sensibly priced?

YES! Online tutors can charge up to £150 per hour - we offer high-quality teaching sensibly priced.

Does the company have a long and successful track record of helping children?

YES! Our company first started working in education back in 1994.

Does the company have their own learning materials?

YES! We have a wide catalogue of our own bespoke resources that you can't find anywhere else.

Are you able to complete unlimited practice exercises in-between lessons?

YES! We offer all students unlimited access to a learning package through the week.

Is this safe for my child?

YES! All our tutors undergo enhanced background checks and safe-guarding training, and we are fully insured and inspected.

Whatever reasons you have for considering online tuition for your child, our experienced teachers are here to help in the core subjects of maths, English and science.

Our high quality, proven systems, can make a significant difference to your child’s progress and success. Our teaching philosophy provides a coordinated approach to improving every child’s abilities. We want learning to be engaging and fun! We’ve been helping children realise their potential for thirty years – working with thousands of children across the country to boost their academic ability and self belief. We’re experts in after-school tuition.

Our tutoring strategy:

  1.  An initial, no obligation, free national curriculum assessment in maths, English or science. This assessment identifies your child’s specific learning needs. You can take the assessment online at any time without booking just by following this link.
  2.  A free 30-minute taster lesson to give you the opportunity to meet the teacher and experience how they work with the student.
  3.  An individual learning plan developed for your child by our experienced teachers.
  4.  Every lesson is carefully planned in advance.
  5.  All lessons are focussed on your child’s specific learning needs.
  6.  All teaching is delivered by fully qualified teachers – you can meet our team below. 
  7.  We give you free access to online resources for practice and revision between lessons.

We offer one-to-one tuition in two lesson formats: 

CONFIDENCE BUILDER £40 per session - 40 minutes of one-to-one tuition… plus

      • carefully pre-planned lessons
      • a qualified teacher for your child
      • access to online learning programmes for revision purposes and homework in between lessons
      • regular feedback to parents
      • single subject only per session 
      • to GCSE level only

SUCCESS MAKER £60 per session - 60 minutes of one-to-one tuition…. plus

      • carefully pre-planned lessons
      • a qualified teacher for your child
      • access to online learning programmes for revision purposes and homework in between lessons
      • regular feedback to parents

Meet our online teachers

Denise Briscoe 

Denise Briscoe graduated with Honours as a Computational Mathematician and spent some time in the finance industry, before becoming a Maths teacher based in London. She is currently a Learning Manager for Key Stage 4 at college, teaching GCSE and Functional Skills (that covers maths and English).

“Maths is something I am passionate about, and I try to impart some of that enthusiasm whilst teaching. Forming positive relationships with students, I believe, sets the right mental environment conducive for learning.

Maths is like marmite; some hate it, some love it. It comes down to whether the subject is taught in a way that encourages learning. By conveying mathematical concepts in simplistic terms and focusing on methods/tools students can use to answer questions, I help to accelerate their understanding, enabling them to progress their learning. This improves their confidence and ultimately their success rate.”

Anika Shaikh 

Anika studied Medical Engineering (BEng) at Queen Mary, University of London, and loved the mathematical side of it so much, she studied for a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. She went on to teach at one of the most renowned teaching schools in the UK.

She is excellent at keeping pace with the students, and also encouraging them to achieve to the best of their potential, all the while keeping them engaged with games and cheesy jokes. Anika also focusses heavily on exam technique and ensuring that maximum marks are achieved through correct methodical solutions.

Specialises in: Mathematics from KS2-KS4 (GCSEs)

Fiona Case 

I completed my PGCE with the University of Nottingham in 2018, graduating with distinction. Since then, I have worked at several schools across Cambridgeshire and Essex filling a number of supply posts. My teaching career so far has enabled me to work with students from a range of backgrounds and abilities. In addition, I have taught both AQA and GCSE history as well as teaching A-level. I also have lots of experience teaching core subjects outside my specialism. 

I have worked as a private tutor since September 2020, teaching students from KS2 up to KS4. I have considerable experience in tutoring all three core subjects at a range of levels. My particular experience includes: preparation for private school entrance exams (both primary and secondary); year 6 SATs preparation; and increasing attainment in Maths, Science and English GCSE. I am experienced in tutoring both online and in person. I have taught a range of students throughout both my training and my teaching career, meaning I am confident in tailoring work to suite individual needs. I have gained considerable experience teaching online over the past year, having led online learning for KS3 students as part of a long-term supply role in addition to tutoring online since November 2020.

Jacob Fysh

Cambridge maths tutor Jacob Fysh has a First Class Degree from the University of Kent in Mathematics and Statistics and after deciding on a career in education, earned a PGCE with Distinction from Canterbury Christ Church in 2018.

Jacob is currently working in a secondary school alongside Better Start Tuition which enables him to have a firm grasp on the current syllabuses and exam specifications. He is therefore aware of the requirements for a student to be successful in their maths GCSE. He is also able to transfer any effective resources to his tutoring, improving the quality of his students’ learning.

Jacob specialises in KS3/4 Mathematics as well as Mathematics at A-Level. He is able to teach any aspect of mathematics that a student requires.  Jacob can teach specific techniques to use when answering exam questions.

Jacob is pleased about the wide range of resources Better Start Tuition has to offer pupils. He is a firm believer that students should learn in many different ways until they understand how they learn best. An engaging session should consist of different styles of activities to keep interest and attention high.

Dr Manti Negoi

Cambridge English Tutor – Dr Sayantani (Manti) Neogi has a doctorate from the University of Cambridge and a particular passion for teaching. For the last 15 years she has been teaching internationally including the last 9 years in the UK.

Manti works with students of any age and can adapt her teaching methods very quickly according to the needs of her students including those with specific learning needs.

Manti gained her Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree frоm the University оf Calcutta. Following that, Manti went on to cоmplete аn International Masters Degree in Quaternary Science as an Erasmus mundus Scholar from URV, Spain. Finally, that was followed by her PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Manti is happy tо help pupils with whichever аspect they wоuld like tо fоcus оn the mоst, whether it is imprоving subject knоwledge оr exаm prаctice аnd technique.

Sanjay Dhada

With over 7 years of experience in teaching mathematics and a professional career as an actuarial analyst, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. My academic journey started with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics, which ignited my passion for numbers. I further honed my skills by earning an MSC in Actuarial Science and Data Analytics from the University of Leicester.


In addition to my tutoring experience, I've had the privilege of working in both primary and secondary schools, giving me valuable insights into the diverse needs of students. I firmly believe that positive relationships with students are the cornerstone of effective learning. Mathematics, often described as a love-it-or-hate-it subject, is my forte. My teaching philosophy revolves around simplifying complex mathematical concepts and equipping students with practical tools and methods to conquer even the toughest problems. This approach not only accelerates their understanding but also boosts their confidence and enhances their success rate.


Beyond the classroom, I also work as an actuarial analyst, applying mathematical principles to real-world scenarios. This practical experience enables me to illustrate the real-world applications of mathematics, making the subject even more engaging and relatable.

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