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Children learn best when they are happy and engaged. We have built a fun, inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment that is very different to school. 

Core to our system is making learning fun so that we can engage students. This does not compromise academic progress - it fundamentally enhances it. We present educational topics in creative and positive ways, and banish anything dry or uninteresting. 

Children will spend most of their session working with their teacher on academic tasks related to the subject of study. To start and end every session we have rewarding learning challenges to support student engagement in the academic topics and more broadly to support their interest in education and learning. Our focus is on presenting educational topics, that may seem dry or uninteresting, especially to students struggling in school, in a way that demonstrates they can be fun and that education is a positive experience.

The Learning Den 

Each of our education centres is designed as a 'Learning Den'. The forest-themed environment, with natural materials, is a welcoming and fun destination, completely different from school. 

The House System

In their first session, every child picks a house to join. In keeping with our forest theme, our houses are: 

  • Chipmunks
  • Rabbits
  • Beavers
  • Foxes
  • Seniors (for older students who don't want to pick an animal house!)

Points and Competition 

Every child will take part in fun, education-themed competitions each week as part of their learning journey. For English students this may involve word games, anagrams or logic puzzles. For maths students, we have a series of challenges based around mathematical principles. Every session starts and ends with a short puzzle game to build the interest and engagement of the child. Points are awarded for each challenge and every month we total the points for each house and award prizes for the best progress!

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