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We've spent thirty years developing and refining our learning system to ensure that we deliver the best possible educational experience. We focus on academic skill building and developing emotional maturity and self-confidence. 

Structure creates success 

Every student starts with a free assessment so we can map their current progress in school against the National Curriculum and/or the exam board they are studying towards. This mapping lets us know exactly where to start, giving us both an overall level for the student as well as specific areas of strength and weakness. From the start of each student's journey with us we will work through week-by-week the specific gaps in their knowledge to help them rapidly improve their performance in school. 

Our system is based around each individual student. Every student with us is following a different learning journey based on their needs. Not only does this approach ensure each student is working on improving their academic performance but by tailoring the learning to their level we see big gains in personal belief and self confidence. 

Dedicated resources

At Better Start Tuition we have our own catalogue of dedicated resources developed in-house - you won't find them anywhere else. For maths, we have our weekly maths workouts for year 1 to 11 that cover all areas of the curriculum. For English, we have our own reading/comprehension programme, a specialist writing programme that takes students from their first sentences through to structured exam questions as well as dedicated spelling, grammar and vocabulary exercises. Our resources are supplemented by an online learning system that all our students have access to both with us and from home so they can keep practising in-between sessions.

What happens in a type 1-hour session

Keeping students interested in engaged so that we can move forward with learning is our mission. During a standard 1-hour session, we will start and finish with a fun puzzle challenge to build engagement. During the main session students will work through a series of tasks, some paper based, others computer based, assigned from our Learning System. The teacher will spend time working individually with each student to make sure they are on track, building their confidence and ability in the subject.

With our learning system we can help: 

 Build confidence  
Build ability
  Get ready for tests and exams
  Move up sets in school  
  Improve mental wellbeing  
  Master tricky subjects 

Making learning fun 

Learning happens when students are happy and engaged. We've put a lot of serious work into making learning fun!

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