11+ Masters Programme 

* Taught by qualified teachers in our Hardwick Centre*                                     

After working with pupils and parents for twenty years, supporting hundreds of students get ready for the daunting 11+ exam, we are introducing dedicated 11+ preparation courses. We’re offering a year 4 programme and year 5 programme.

We’ve put together fun and engaging courses to help children boost their confidence, enhance their abilities and reduce the stress around the 11+ exam.


What makes our programmes different and better than the alternatives?  

  • All our tutors are fully qualified teachers and not just tutors.
  • Our programme is designed to teach your child week-by-week the 11+ content from scratch – we’re not just providing self-directed practice tests.
  • Our tuition is live, interactive with a qualified teacher every week – no pre-recorded videos.
  • Our programme is comprehensively designed over 30+ weeks to enable your child to gain the depth of understanding needed to succeed – shorter courses compress learning too much.
  • We have 25 years experience in supporting children to reach their potential and have helped hundreds of pupils gain entry to prestigious grammar schools
  • Our Mastery-Belt reward programme gives pupils the added incentive to focus on developing their learning.


Reduce anxiety and enhance your child’s opportunities  

Our 11+ courses are 32 week programmes that include a weekly in-person 75 minute class, built around 8-week blocks that rotate through maths/non-verbal reasoning and English/verbal reasoning. 

  • Block 1 (Sept - Nov):  Maths and non-verbal reasoning (8 weeks)
  • Block 2 (Nov - Jan): English and verbal reasoning (8 weeks)
  • Block 3 (Jan - Mar): Maths and non-verbal reasoning (8 weeks)
  • Block 4 (Mar - May): English and verbal reasoning (8 weeks)


The programme is suitable for pupils taking GL and CEM assessment formats. Pupils may join us for   the year 5 programme only, however, we recommend pupils take both the year 4 and year 5 programmes sequentially. Pupils who missed out on the year 4 programme are also welcome to take both year 4 and year 5 programmes at the same time while in year 5. 

Our year 4 programme provides an introduction to the topics to pupils who may not have encountered them or struggled with them in school (especially important for the elements of non-verbal reasoning). We study each concept in-depth and practice applying the ideas learnt.  On the year 5 programme we review the entire 11+ content at a higher level of application and spend more time applying the concepts in an 11+ test environment to familiarise students with an exam style setting. 

Over the programme, all pupils will study a detailed curriculum taught by qualified teachers to prepare them for the 11+ test. Our curriculum covers all elements of the 11+ syllabus and is outlined below.  The programme incorporates our specialist Excelr8 Learning courses on: English Comprehension, Fiction-writing, Non-fiction writing, Maths task workouts and English task workouts, all developed by our team of in-house teaching experts and not available anywhere else.





Verbal reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning


1. Number knowledge

2. Working with numbers

3. Number problems

4. Data handling

5. Shapes and space

6. Units and measures

7. Numerical reasoning

8. Algebra (yr5 only)

1. Spelling and vocabulary

2. Grammar

3. Punctuation

4. Writing techniques

5. Fiction writing

6. Non-fiction writing


1. Alphabet

2. Making words

3. Word meanings

4. Sequences

5. Logic and coding

1. Patterns

2. Similarity and difference

3. Pairs, series, grids

4. Codes

5. Spatial reasoning

Additional tasks

Weekly mixed maths task

Weekly language task

Weekly practice task

Weekly practice task

Exam preparation

Practice exam and review

Practice exam and review

Practice exam and review

Practice exam and review



11+ Mastery Belts  

To motivate and engage pupils we use our own grading reward system where children earn the each belt of mastery progressively as they master the 11+ preparation programme. Pupils who complete and pass their final test exam with us will be awarded an “11+ Black Belt”!


Year 4

Block 1 – White – Maths & Non-verbal reasoning

Block 2 – Yellow – English & Verbal reasoning

Block 3 – Orange – Maths & Non-verbal reasoning

Block 4 – Green – English & verbal reasoning


Year 5 

Block 1 – Purple – Maths & Non-verbal reasoning

Block 2 – Blue  – English & Verbal reasoning

Block 3 – Brown – Maths & Non-verbal reasoning

Block 4 – Red – English & Verbal reasoning


Year 5 - Final Test 

Graduation – Black – Final practice exam




All classes take place on Saturday morning in our modern education centre in Hardwick, just outside Cambridge. Both year 4 and year 5 programmes commence on Saturday 16th September 2023 and run in term-time only.  Each class is taught by a fully qualified teacher and there is a maximum of 8 pupils in any one class.


Applications are now open to join classes for 2023-24 academic year.

  • Year 4 - 9am start – places available for September 2023
  • Year 5 - 10.30am start – places available for September 2023


Fees for a 32-week programme are £1495 per pupil, including workbooks and access to unlimited online practice tasks.  



SAVE £500
Book and pay by July 31st to save one-third on the course fees


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