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Getting into a good school has never been more competitive. More and more students are turning to tutors to help support them in realising their potential to pass entry examinations and gain scholarships from top schools.

Often times it may not be the case that the student lacks academic ability but that they are just not familiar with the particular word and question phrasing used in entry examinations.

Over the last fifteen years we’ve helped countless students prepare for the rigours and challenges of school entry examinations – both for local grammar schools as well as private schools around the country.

We have supported students to gain entry to many prestigious schools including:

  • St Mary’s School, Cambridge
  • The Perse School, Cambridge
  • The Leys School, Cambridge
  • Colchester Grammar School
  • Monmouth Boys School
  • Llandaff Cathedral School

As one parent puts it: “A huge thank you to your team for supporting A… and giving him the knowledge and skills that he needed to pass his exams for Leys.  I will forever be indebted with your service which is the best.”  

Our school entry programmes bring together the best elements of our maths and English dedicated programmes, in common with them, starting with an in-depth assessment to identify the students current performance against the National Curriculum Learning Outcomes. A good rule of thumb is that a student should be at least one year ahead of their year group to stand a good chance of meeting school entry examinations so we work toward that aim.

We have an extensive catalogue of previous entry examinations that we use to develop the core maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills necessary to meet entry requirements. We use this catalogue to familiarise students with the way in which questions and problems are presented as well as how best to use their time to structure their answers and present the information required in the format the examiner is seeking.

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